February 23, 2007

Birdman of the Smokies

February 23, 2007

Another birdman photo

Mark Dunaway, bird recorder and biologist is working his “autumn” colors in his leafy hazmat camo outfit he wears to record bird songs and calls in the Great Smoky Mountains.
Mark gets up at 3:30 am to get prepared and arrive in time to collect the wonderful songs of the Smokies. I love birds but I still don’t think I want up at that time of day. He is dedicated and persistent. Not many people will crawl around in mud on their belly to sneak up on a warbler. I admire that kind of drive. I have a photo of him borrowed from the Great Smoky Mountain Park Association’s site.

Being in the Smoky Mountains though is just one step from heaven. I love being there surrounded by nature. God has a wonderful photoshop program for the Smoky Mountains.

Here is Mark without his camo hood.

The Birdman of the Great Smoky Mountains
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To see more detail and a hysterical video of the Birdman of the Smokies, check out this great link.Video and Bird Sounds of the Great Smoky Mountains


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